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FUT, FUE, PRP, SMP products and supplements, laser therapy, and other solutions

WAW, Ellis, Cole, ATERA and Custom FUE technologies.

Hands-on, fully involved doctors and clinicians.

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Hair Restoration Technologies

ATERA is one of the most advanced technologies available for FUE. ATERA FUE is an automated and motorized device that facilitates the harvesting of follicles during a follicular unit extraction (FUE) and dramatically improves the accuracy and speed over manual methods. Its patented lubrication process during harvesting and extraction combined with a digital graft counter makes the technology unique in the industry.

Cole Instruments delivers several hair transplant products to assist hair transplant experts in hair restoration surgery. These instruments improve patient results and increase overall efficacy. Indeed, hair transplant procedures can take considerable time; Cole Instruments recognizes these facts. They are created and designed for donor harvesting, graft storage, recipient site preparation, graft preparation, and hairline design.

The Ellis FUE System is a simple and affordable automated punch device that can enhance a strip or FUE harvest procedure. Hair transplant professionals can use the Ellis technology as a stand-alone device for a full FUE hair transplant.

The WAW FUE system uses a uniquely shaped extraction device developed to closely mirror the natural shape of the follicular unit. This design allows hair transplant doctors to extract a larger quantity of high-quality grafts without making a more extensive incision; therefore, decreasing the risk of damaging healthy follicular units. 

Hair Transplant Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations come in many forms, including videos (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime), text and image messaging, and email consultations. Virtual consultations enable communication with a range of health care staff and are based on an array of provider platforms.

Whichever method you choose, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, and Clinician Daniels will meet you more than halfway. They are excited to discuss your hair restoration desires.

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HIPAA Compliance

It’s important to know your rights before you connect with any medical practitioners online. At Long Island Hair Transplant Center, we provide a HIPAA-compliant platform where we can discuss your concerns without violating your privacy.

Benefits of Remote Appointments
Eligible Candidates
Preparation and Procedure
Private Consultation in Long Island and Beyond
Recovery and Results

Benefits of Remote Appointments

  • Comprehensive: Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, and Clinician Daniels will evaluate every aspect of your hair loss, even before you step in front of the computer screen. During your virtual consultation, you’ll be provided with all the information to create the best approach to your hair restoration treatment.
  • Convenient: By scheduling an appointment that adheres to your hectic schedule, you can join us from the comfort of your home.
  • Compassionate: The Long Island Hair Transplant Center team takes pride in delivering understanding, concern, and willingness to address your concerns.

Eligible Candidates

Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, and Clinician Daniels will study the specifics of your hair loss to determine your eligibility for a hair transplant procedure during the virtual consultation. If transplantation is not the best option for you, then they will suggest a different approach.

Preparation and Procedure

During your preliminary consultation, you will receive detailed instructions to prepare you for a hair transplant. Preparation for an implant may come in many different forms, depending on which hair restoration technique Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, and Clinician Daniels evaluates your hair growth needs.

Private Consultation in Long Island and Beyond

Share your medical history and hair growth goals during your virtual consultation. Make sure there is ample light in the room. Place your laptop or computer near a window to get the benefit of natural light, or have a lamp ready just in case. You can also use your smartphone to provide additional light.

Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, and Clinician Daniels are both extremely detail-oriented. After the virtual consultation, they will study your past pictures, your current image, and your medical records. Based on their findings, they will recommend a hair transplant approach that fits your hair loss needs and goals. Contact Long Island Hair Transplant Center to schedule an appointment.

Recovery and Results

If you undergo a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, the harvesting process will leave a series of pin-sized punctures on the donor site. These punctures will heal over three to five days. Do not rush the recovery process. Avoid irritating the site and be sure to keep it clean and dry, as the medical staff at Long Island Hair Transplant Center would advise you to. Satisfaction is our top priority. Join the victories of our satisfied patients who have succeeded from Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, and Clinician Daniels’ expertise, schedule a virtual consultation now.

Portraits of Excellence: Dr. Lawrence Barnard, Dr. Dominick Golio, Dr. Singh and Clinician Rhonda Daniels, PA-C

Dr. Lawrence Barnard is a hair transplant physician with years of experience with renowned health care organizations. He has performed several hair transplant treatments specializing in FUE, FUT, and SMP techniques. He received his training in hair transplant surgery.

The recent advancements of FUE techniques motivated him to focus on hair restoration surgery and be of service to every patient with hair loss concerns. Now, he’s continually updating himself with current advancements to provide his patients with the latest concepts in performing hair transplant surgeries. His ultimate goal is to provide proven hair loss solutions for your hair restoration needs and design a receding hairline that leaves lasting and natural-looking results. 

Dr. Dominic Golio is a craniofacial, plastic, reconstructive, and facial surgeon. Dr. Golio possesses more than 20 years of experience. His experience includes serving as an assistant professor, educator, trainer, attending surgeon, researcher, publisher of articles, and an award-winning physician. He is adept at the W Hair Transplant Harvesting technique that enables the performance of MEGA Session hair transplants.

Dr. Singh is a plastic, aesthetic, and general surgeon who has trained at Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and AIIMS. He has published 67 articles and has over 1,000 citations to his credit. He has a strong aesthetic eye, which is useful for hairline design and developing a natural look. 

Together with Rhonda Daniels, PA-C, they make a great team in restoring your balding, thinning hair, and receding hairline to achieve a youthful-looking appearance.

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Our Commitment to Transparency Is Clear

The number of follicles transplanted determines hair transplant cost. While industry standards can vary, each follicle can cost the patient between $3 and $8, depending on who is doing it. If you are choosing a hair transplant, we do not suggest you shop based on price.

When you book your preliminary evaluation with us, we’ll provide you with the exact amount of the hair transplant cost so that you won’t have to worry about hidden charges that can cause additional stress as anxiety besides your primary concern of having a thinning, balding, or receding hairline. 

We distinguish ourselves from the rest because we offer the most competitive pricing in the hair transplant market. At Long Island Hair Transplant Center, we perform FUE together with Cole, Ellis, and WAW FUE Systems.

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When comparing hair transplant costs, you must understand the difference between grafts and follicles. The follicle refers to an individual hair. However, the graft is the unit transplanted to the recipient site. Each graft may consist of an average of two to three follicles.

Most surgeons will use follicles with one graft along the edge of the hairline, and in other areas, they use multi-graft follicles. Some will use single-hair grafts everywhere. The number of actual hairs can differ even though some doctors report using the same number of grafts. 


For example, 1,000 hairs in single-follicle grafts give you 1,000 grafts. However, 1,000 grafts with two follicles per graft will result in 2,000 hairs implanted. That amount can give you twice the fullness per area. 


In another example, Surgeon A may transplant 1,000 single-follicle grafts at the cost of $6,000. However, Surgeon B may transplant 1,000 multi-follicle grafts for $6,000. The chart below breaks down the unit cost for both of these examples.

Follicular Unit Cost Example

Surgeon A Surgeon B
1,000 single-follicle grafts 1,000 multi-follicle grafts
Total cost: $6,000 Total cost: $6,000
Unit cost: $6 Unit cost: $6
Cost per follicle: $6 Cost per follicle: $2 (or less)


In this case, the total number of grafts can be the same, but you’ll pay less for a greater amount of transplanted hair.

If you have significant hair loss, you may require frequent trips to the hair restoration center and have multiple hair transplant sessions. A single session can take around eight hours. The success rate drops dramatically as follicles die due to extended air exposure if you go too long. Therefore, multiple shorter sessions may be more beneficial than a single prolonged session for graft survival and patient comfort.

Our patients usually ask, “Why do you recommend fewer grafts than most competitors in the industry?”

Longer hair transplant sessions have the advantage of resolving the issue while the grafts are still fresh and ready for transplant. However, this approach puts strain on the patient and the doctor or clinician. Our hair transplant center can transplant up to 3,000 grafts in a single session. This procedure provides our patients with extensive coverage while keeping the procedure safe and achieving significant results. 

At Long Island Hair Transplant Center, we offer the highest level of quality hair transplants at the lowest prices. Call us to schedule your initial consultation.

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